Shape Stroke - Substance Painter Filter

General / 24 July 2021


Shape Stroke is a substance painter filter that creates a stroke around the edges of an alpha shape in your mask layer. This is useful if you want to use an outline of an alpha instead of the alpha itself, such as creating unique borders and patterns.

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To install the files, simply drag and drop them into the shelf in Substance Painter. This will open the 'Import Resources' dialog. On the boxes to the far right change the category to 'filter' and in the drop down near the bottom change 'Import your resources to:' shelf 'shelf.'' 


Use the filter in the mask layer and large solid shapes for best results. After applying the filter, the alpha will be outlined and can be adjusted with the parameters in the menu.


Stroke Direction

The direction of the stroke.


The width of the stroke.


Use FXAA to smooth aliasing.